Logistics of a Fast FAST – by Zwank (3 minute video)
ACEP Cardiac Tutorial (text and images/videos)
SAEM FAST Lecture (narrated slides)
Mt Sinai FAST Tutorial (text and images/videos)


Ultrasound Podcast Appy Lecture (20 minute video)


SUSME Liver Lecture (narrated slides)
ACEP Gall Bladder Tutorial (text and images/videos)
SAEM Gall Bladder Lecture (narrated slides)
SUSME Gallbladder Lecture (narrated slides)
SUSME Spleen Lecture (narrated slides)

Aortic Aneurysm

ACEP Aortic Aneurysm Tutorial (text and images/videos)
SUSME AAA Lecture (narrated slides)


ACEP Renal Tutorial (text and images/videos)
SUSME Renal Lecture (narrated slides)
SUSME Bladder Lecture (narrated slides)

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